Edge Summer Program
Short Term Summer Trip Program

Edge Summer Program

Short Term Summer Trip Program
Web Design, Branding, Information Architecture, User Research, Webflow Development
Edge Summer Program

A fresh update to Edge, Pioneers' summer missions trip program.

During my time serving as Art Director for Pioneers, I was tasked with refreshing the brand and website for Edge, Pioneers' summer missions trip program. The goal was to appeal to a new generation of young people and get them excited about spending a summer with a team serving on a missions trip.

The project started with a rebrand. The old logo had a distressed look and was clearly dated. It also didn't quite match its parent organization, Pioneers.

The new logo nods to Pioneers updated branding colors and simplicity, while also plays off of the idea of a razor's edge.

The Edge logo—old vs. new

I naturally chose Webflow as the home for the redesigned site; the former site was on Wordpress and unnecessarily unwieldy. The design clearly conveys that it belongs in the Pioneers ecosystem while also having a bit of its own personality. I also knew that my co-workers running the Edge program needed to be able to add and update trip opportunities on their own. Using Webflow's CMS, the Edge team is able to update content whenever they see fit.

Users need the ability to filter trip opportunities based on criteria, so I used Finsweet's CMS Filtering system.

Filters help users find the trips according to their interests

I incorporated whitespace to allow the content and messaging to shine. And I used motion to add little moments of delight for the user. Finally, an Intercom integration allows users on the Edge website to speak with a Pioneers representative who can answer questions.

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