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Logic-Based Guide

Seeds Innovation Lab

Logic-Based Guide
Information Architecture, UI Design, Webflow Development, Custom Javascript
Seeds Innovation Lab

A logic-based guide that users determine if working with Seeds Innovation Lab and their resources is a good option.

The good people at Seeds Innovation Lab asked me to help them build a custom guide (called the Project Fit Guide) to help users determine if Design Thinking was a valid option for the problem the are actively facing.

First screen of the project fit guide
The start screen for the Project Fit Guide.

The guide is in the form of a quiz that moves users through pathways and to various endpoints based on their answers. The Project in Webflow and added customized javascript for the guide to function properly, including displaying the user's entered statement from the home screen, disabling advancing unless an option was showing, and tooltips from Tippy.js.

A typical screen allowing the user to choose an option.

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